Docker Commands - Explained

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·Jun 2, 2021·

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Docker Commands - Explained

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Container Lifecyle Commands

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  • Create an container without starting it
    docker create [image]
  • Rename a container
    docker rename [container_name] [new_container_nme]
  • Create and start a container
    docker run [image]
  • Remove the container when it stops
    docker run --rm [image]
  • Start an container and keep it running
    docker run -td [image]
  • Create and Start the container and to allow us enter commands
    docker run -it [image]
  • Create and start the container and run a command in it and after execution, remove the container
    docker run -it-rm [image]
  • Delete a container
    docker rm [container]
  • Update a container configuration
    docker update [container]

Image Lifecycle Commands

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  • Build an image using Dockerfile
    docker build [path]
  • Build an Image with a Tag
    docker build -t [path]
  • Pull an image from registry (DockerHub)
    docker pull [image]
  • Push an image from registry
    docker push [image]
  • Create an image using tarball
    docker import [path(or)STDIN_FILE]
  • Remove an Image
    docker rmi [image]
  • Load an image from tar
    docker load [tar_file]
  • Save an Image to a tar
    docker save [image] > [tar_file]

Networking Commands

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  • List Networks
    docker network ls
  • Remove one (or) more networks
    docker network rm [networks]
  • Show information about one or more contaienrs
    docker network coonect [network] [container]
  • Connect a container to a network
    docker network connect [network] [container]
  • Disconnect a container from a network
    docker network disconnect [network] [container]

Start and Stop Commands

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  • Start a container
    docker start [container]
  • Stop a container
    docker stop [container]
  • Restart a container
    docker restart [container]
  • Pause a Conatiner
    docker pause [conatiner]
  • Unpause a container
    docker unpause [container]
  • Block a container untill other container stops
    docker wait [container]
  • Kill a container by sending a SIGKILL to a running container
    docker kill [container]
  • Attach Local standard input,output and error streams to a running container
    docker attach [container]

Information Commands

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  • List Running Containers
    docker ps
  • List all running and stopped containers
    docker ps -a
  • Logs of a container
    docker logs [container]
  • List low level information on an object
    docker inspect [obj_name/id]
  • List Realtime events from a container
    docker events [container]
  • Show Mapping port of a container
    docker port [container]
  • Show running processes in a container
    docker top [container]
  • Show live resource usage statistics of containers
    docker stats [container]
  • Show Changes to files on filesystem
    docker diff [container]
  • Show all locally stored images
    docker images ls
  • Show history of an image
    docker history [image]

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