CM Inventory | Task - 4

CM Inventory | Task - 4

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·Jul 30, 2021·

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In Task 4, I created an basic inventory app for storing any product. I used Flask framework and MongoDB for storage. Also I hosted the app on Azure Web App Service.

Steps Followed:

Step 1: I created a rough sketch and designed the model for the application and followed the model to implement the solution

Inventory Model

In this inventory, any product can stored. The product categories are:

  • Raw Materials
  • Finished Goods
  • Maintenance Goods
  • Repair Goods
  • Operations Goods
  • Packing materials

I assigned two roles for using the Inventory:

  1. Management: Management acts as the overall supervisor who can monitor the products uploaded and maintains the users.

  2. User: Users involve in the products maintenance. Products can be uploaded only by the users.

Step 2: Since the application is a very basic model, I did not involve in complex structuring (Like Using Blueprints and stuff).

Structure of the Application

└── App
    └── screens
        ├── favicon.png
        ├── style.css
    └── templates
        ├── 404.html           
        ├── index.html           
        ├── layout.html           
        ├── login.html           
        ├── management.html           
        ├── products.html           
        ├── signup.html           
        ├── user.html  
        ├── users.html   
    ├── .gitignore
    ├── credentials.json

Step 3: I created the MongoDB Cluster in the platform for storage and acquired the necessary credentials for establishing the connection.


Step 4: In one and a half day, I got a working basic standalone application.


Step 5: Application worked fine and so I decided to move on the deployment

- Downloaded the Azure CLI for my powershell


- After the successful setup, I deployed the flask app to Azure using the command

 az webapp up --sku B1 --name cminventory


Step 6: I opened the and everything worked fine.

Step 7: After all the work completed, I cleaned up the resources running for the app using the command:

az group delete --no-wait


Conclusion: Loved the work and Python is Awesome! If you want the project code take a look here

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