Changing GitHub Profile | Task - 5

Changing GitHub Profile | Task - 5

Cloud Maestro
·Jul 31, 2021·

1 min read

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I started my GitHub Account in 2019. I have a Pro Account - Thanks to GitHub Student Developer Account. In the recent times, I barely used GitHub and this project gave me remainder to use it. Due to the recent crash of personal OS, I lost many projects and I didn't use the GitHub. Well...

"Always Learn from Mistakes..."

So Lets Start Clean...


I looked into more than 100 profiles and came across different interesting profiles. Everybody had only selected repositories and it looked neat. So I came to my repository and deleted more than 10 repositories where it all had only Readme files. After the long research, I ended up knowing different tools and I started to write my own.


There are many different tools out there which can be used in your profile and I loved


Took my own time and I wrote the Readme file with my own style and completed successfully. Visit my profile, I have a surprise element there for you.



This was a fun project which took a lot of time but worth it! Following this task, I am entering Phase - 3 which is going to fun!

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