AWS Database

AWS Database

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·Apr 22, 2021·

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Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora (Aurora) is a fully managed relational database engine that's compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL which includes a high-performance storage subsystem.

Amazon DocumentDB

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a fast, reliable, and fully managed database service that makes it easy for you to set up, operate, and scale MongoDB-compatible databases.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability.

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale distributed in-memory cache environments in the AWS Cloud.

Amazon Keyspaces

Amazon Keyspaces is a scalable, highly available, and managed Apache Cassandra–compatible database service.

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets.

Amazon QLDB

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB) is a fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log owned by a central trusted authority.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools.

Amazon Timestream

Amazon Timestream can easily store and analyze sensor data for IoT applications, metrics for DevOps use cases, and telemetry for application monitoring scenarios such as clickstream data analysis.


This is an introduction to Database Services.

Reference: AWS Docs

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